Disaster Recovery Solutions by Vital Technology Group. Your Legal and Dental IT Managed Service Provider.

Disaster Recovery Plans

HIPAA requires Dentist to have monitored and encrypted backup and disaster recovery plans.  A medical professional must be able to produce a medical record within 48 hours of request, lack of proper backup & recovery can and will put you at risk!  Think of these backup plans like insurance.  The more expensive the plan, the smaller your deductible is in regards to time and/or cost during a disaster recovery.


Silver Backup Plan:  Vital Technology loads a backup client “Absolute Secure” on each server, and provides cloud storage for critical files and folders that are to be backed up to the Cloud.  Cloud storage is offered at $0.40 per Gigabyte.  In addition daily backups are made to a portable hard drive which is changed out daily by the client for full server backup. This is billed monthly as a supplement to above Service plans.  Be advised, that while this product has the cheapest up-front and monthly cost, recovery is considerably more expensive and down times are longer than the below options, because full restore requires a working Server, which means if you are waiting for a new server, you will either be down, or we have to recover the database to a workstation and re-configure every computer on the network.  Once a new server is in place, then we can recover the server, and then migrate new data from the temporary server and again re-configure each and every workstation to point to the new server.  Disaster recovery services are not included in our above Maintenance plans, so clients will be paying for their recovery by the hour.  Backups are monitored by Vital Technology Group.


Gold Backup Plan:  This utilizes advanced Backup & Recovery Software which backs up the entire server locally to a Core BDR computer.  In addition, critical files and/or folders are backed up nightly to the Cloud at a cost of $0.40/GB.  During Disaster, the BDR gives Vital Technology, the ability to bring your server back up in a Virtual environment within your network.  This reduces downtime and cost over the Silver Plan.  Disaster Recovery is covered under this plan as long as the ON-Site Core computer is on-site and operational; otherwise recovery services are by the hour.  So if the building burned down and the BDR unit was destroyed, then recovery will be by the hour and only the data saved to the cloud will be available for recovery.   Backups are monitored.


Platinum Backup Plan:   Just as above, this is advanced Backup & Recovery Software which will back up locally to a Core BDR computer.  In addition the entire server is backed up to the cloud, whereby several options are available, including the ability to spool up your server in a virtual environment from either the BDR on your network or from the Cloud.  Cloud storage is available from $.28 per Gigabyte.    Disaster recovery is covered under this plan as part of the plan, so no additional charges will be incurred.


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