Other Services Offered by Vital Technology Group. Your Legal and Dental IT Managed Service Provider.

Managed Anti-Virus with Bit Defender

"Anti-Virus as a service" is relatively new to the industry.  Anti-Virus of yester-year required you to buy a 1, 2, or 3 year contract that you paid up front, and then it either worked or didn't.  With "Managed Anti-Virus as a Service" from Vital Technology, we monitor our Anti-Virus software from a central portal and can see when a computer is fighting a virus attack.  The portal also ensures that your computer has all the Security updates that are applicable to your systems.     So even if you are not on a service plan that covers preventative maintenance on your Workstations, at least they will be getting all the security updates they need with our Anti-Virus installed helping you stay HIPAA compliant.  This affordable service starts at $3.99 per computer, per month.  Our Antivirus service has been ranked #1 in the industry for 6 years running!

HIPAA as a Service

lifesaverObviously we are constantly letting clients know whats HIPAA cool and what isn't, and we always advise clients to become as HIPAA compliant as possible. We have become HIPAA compliancy specialist, by reading the rules, and case law that has anything to do with HIPAA and your computer system with regards to ePHI (electronic Personal Health Information). The obvious and most blatant issues we see in offices are allowing a patient to see a computer screen that may have another patients data on it. Another obvious mistake is sending non-encrypted e-mail with patient data, or a fax with patient data. Other area's of concern is your backups. Did you know if a client request their PHI, you have to produce it in 48 hours or less? What if your system is down? Did you know you need to keep 6 years of Log's showing who accessed what data when? Did you know your logs need to be reviewed regularly? Did you know if you leave a patient in a room with a computer, that computer must be locked each and every time you leave the room?

As you can see, HIPAA compliance goes well beyond having encrypted backup, secure log-in's to your computers and a monitor behind the patients head. We provide all the solutions you need to be HIPAA compliant! Ask your VTG sales rep, about all of our HIPAA offerings and become one of our first HIPAA Compliant Practices!!!

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